How long will it take to receive my order?
We ship USPS Priority Mail.  This service has been updated to take 3-4 days for delivery (instead of the normal 2-3 days).  Our processing times can be up to 3 business days to ship your fudge.  Please be aware that USPS has been experiencing delays across their entire delivery network and we have no control over this.
It's hot where I live. Will my fudge melt during shipping?
Fudge will get soft in high temperatures. We recommend upon receipt of your fudge (during summer months) you leave it sit unopened at room temperature (or air conditioned) for 4-6 hours before opening. This will allow the fudge a chance to firm up again. It in no way harms the taste, consistency, or quality of the fudge. If you just can't wait that long to try it, you can also put the whole box unopened into the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. This should also do the trick. Also see, "how to store your fudge."

I just received my fudge, how should I store it?
Fudge should be stored and enjoyed at room temperature. Keep it covered or loosely wrapped (fudge needs to breathe) to avoid drying out. Fudge should NOT be stored in the refrigerator. It will dry out faster and can pick up "off" flavors from other items in the refrigerator. After all, who wants fudge that tastes like onions.
How long will my fudge stay fresh?
Stored properly, your fudge should stay fresh for about 8-10 weeks. It will not spoil, it will just begin to dry out. This is perfectly normal. Only cut off as much as you want to eat at a time. If you cut it all up into small pieces it will dry out faster. If you have any dry edges DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. Your dried fudge can be melted down in the microwave for a few seconds with a drop or two of water and poured over ice cream. YUM!

Can I freeze my fudge?
Sure, fudge can be frozen for up to a year without losing flavor. Wrap your fudge in plastic wrap then in a layer of aluminum foil. Put the whole thing in a Ziploc bag and freeze. When thawing, leave your fudge in the bag and do not open until completely thawed. This will help to preserve it's moisture.
How is the fudge packaged?
All our fudge is hand cut and wrapped in half pound portions.  While we strive to get each piece as close to a half pound as possible, slight variations over/under may occur within the MAV guidelines. 

When will my order ship?
Your order will ship 2-3 business days after you place your order. We process orders on a first in - first out basis. If you have a fudge emergency please let us know. Sometimes we are able to get an order out a little sooner if we know your situation.

I have an event coming up. Will you donate fudge for our nonprofit fundraiser?
Yes and no. Due to the HUGE number of requests we receive online for donations we have made it our company policy to limit our donations to local charities and events. So if you are in the Moab area we'd be more than happy to donate fudge for an event.

Can you ship a gift to another address for me?
Yes, we do it all the time. To streamline the process please change the ship to address during checkout to the address you would like your gift sent to instead of putting it in the messages area. If left in the messages area we need to manually reenter the shipping address and this just leaves more chances for errors to occur. Our shipping labels get automatically printed with the address you enter and that way we don't accidentally forget to change the ship to address!

Wholesale availability
Beginning in 2020 we will no longer be selling wholesale.  Sorry, but there are only so many hours in a day and we would like to keep it a small operation and continue to offer a great product.  And, ya know, milking cows, caring for pigs, and chickens, an orchard and garden are all very time consuming.  We wish we could do it all, but we had to give something up!

I have an allergy to xxxxxx. Can you make my fudge without?
While we take precautions to keep ingredients separate, we cannot guarantee that any of our confections are allergen free as we use shared equipment to prepare, store and serve them. We use dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and coconut regularly in our kitchens but allergens may not be limited to those items.

Is your fudge gluten-free?
All of our fudge flavors are gluten free except Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough, and Red Velvet.